Standard Inbuilt Sunroof_Sunroof Installation

Standard Hollandia

The Hollandia 700-II Entry offers three available sizes to fit nearly any vehicle. The inbuilt sunroofs are a value addition to your vehicle. Innovative design and quality manufacturing combine to create a beautiful and practical sunroof. Each Hollandia 700-II Entry sunroof matches the look and finish of the vehicle’s exterior and blends into the interior for a sophisticated finish. The sunroof panel vents to let in fresh air or opens fully to let in all the sun.

Technical Features

  • Press-and-hold operation
  • Highly protective Venus glass panel reflects 99% of UV radiation, 80% of light and 97% of heat
  • Venting
  • Sliding sunshade, color-matched to the vehicle’s interior
  • Optional rain sensor in combination with Soft Touch
  • Two programmable aperture settings (with Soft Touch operation)
  • Auto-Close system (with Soft Touch operation): The Auto-Close system automatically closes your roof when you park your car. Rain, dirt and undesirable visitors stay outside.
  • Auto-Retract system (with Soft Touch operation): The Auto-Retract system prevents your roof from closing if the opening is not completely free.

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