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  • We repair sunroof leaks
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  • We replace auto moonroofs
  • We repair auto moonroofs
  • We install power moonroofs
  • We repair auto moonroofs leaks
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Do you have shattered sunroof glass in your vehicle while you drive ?

Look no further we stock over 21000+ Sunroof Glass for any vehicle makes or models.

No need to wait for special order sunroof glass because we stock them for faster and quick service parts most of replacement take two hours at our Wi-Fi comfortable waiting area.

We replace and install Sunroof glass

Enough complaints on the matter to open an into exploding sunroofs our customers since 1979 report glass raining down on them after their sunroofs suddenly shattered while cruising down the highway at 50 mph, as well as reports of sunroofs that exploded while the vehicles were parked and unattended.

Shattered Sunroof - Repair by Sunroofking

The thought of glass exploding above your head might seem absurd, but it can occur to any make and model of vehicle.

As owner of a SunroofKing.com immediately after customer bring in a damage glass sunroof while she was driving down the road nearly a 75% of the times you can see it very clearly a freeway stone within the sunroof fragment when we preform the clearing.

“It sounded like a gunshot right above my head and I had no idea where it was coming from and I could hear air coming into the car even though all my windows were up.”

Our customer is upset when she described what took place to us at sunroof king.

“It looked like a meteor bounced through my car upwards and out the sunroof glass. The remaining sunroof glass was pointed toward the sky, so I knew nothing hit the glass from the outside!